Chrysler 200 Ups the Ante with Smarter Safety for Snow

When it comes to a sedan, you are looking not only for a means of transportation, but also a safe ride to get you where you are going. It is not unreasonable to demand that such a car should also have some style, to command attention when it goes out on the roads. This level of swagger must be supported by the technology and exclusive features of the vehicle itself, like the 2015 Chrysler 200.

It rivals the technology of other brands you have known for years to be trustworthy, and has the added advantage of being made in the USA. Now with available all-wheel drive, the Chrysler 200 monitors the wheels constantly, and instantly redistributes power when slippage is detected.

Come in to Sands Chrysler Jeep Dodge today, and take this stylish sedan out for a test drive around Quakertown, PA, and see for yourself the advantages of being American made.

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