Ram Gives Lucky Man His Dream Garage

Randy from Maryland had a problem, his garage was not fit for working on vehicles and being his official sanctuary, leading him to have to leave his home and family to go elsewhere.  Well, Ram trucks came to his rescue, and with the help of home improvement legend Brett McKay they gave Randy his dream garage.

Randy was one of three winners of the Ram cave contest, and his big day came recently at the hands of our brand, his friends and Brett McKay.  Take a look at the video below showing off the amazing garage makeover:

The group that undertook the task of creating the above masterpiece were deft with the tools and techniques, but they could not have done the job without the help of Ram.  The 2014 3500 6.7-liter Cummins Turbodiesel was the workhorse that helped create Randy's dream, and it did so because of it awesome power and capabilities.

If you want to renovate your own garage here in Quakertown, Pennsylvania then get the help you need with a truck from our inventory of new Ram models.  Stop by today and get started on making your very own cave like the one above.

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