Jeep Cherokee Shows Off All-Weather Capabilities

Around the Quakertown, PA area, we experience all sorts of weather-- from the perfect sunny summer day to the blustery blizzard-filled ones of winter. Because you can never truly depend on the weather, it's important that you can depend on your car. That's where a new Jeep SUV comes in.

The auto brand selected expert drivers and car enthusiasts to put the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk to the test, against some other well-known models within its class, as part of the Jackson Hole SUV Challenge.

In this component of the competition, the Jeep Cherokee showcases its skills even in the most treacherous of environments and with its flawless execution, it proves its all-weather capabilities.

Need more evidence of the Cherokee's skills? Then visit our Jeep dealership for a test drive of the model, or another vehicle of your choice. Our experts are happy to show you which vehicles can handle your needs and how they do it.

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